Format: 1 x 75’/ Drama TV Movie / HDTV Live Action

Target: Adults

Languages: Spanish

Coproducers: Antena 3

Copyright: © BRB Internacional – Antena 3

The story of Celia, a mother who has to cope with the death of her oldest son when he is killed one night by a hit and run driver as he leaves a discotheque. From that moment on, the sole purpose of Celia’s life is to find her son’s killer.










  • Script: Santos Mercero
  • Director of Photography: Johnny Yebra
  • Production Supervisor: Gilles Leclair
  • Executive Producer: Carmen Domínguez
  • Director: Manuel Estudillo


  • Adriana Ozores: Celia
  • Adolfo Fernández: Ángel
  • Manuel Manquiña: Rubens
  • Guillermo Barrientos: Mario
  • Jorge Monje: Quique
  • Quique Guaza: Alberto
  • Marian Álvarez: Laura
  • Helio Pedregal: Ricardo