BRB Internacional is getting all set to attend the upcoming editions of the MIP JR and MIPCOM (Cannes, France, from October 3-8) with a new addition to its catalogue: It will be distributing both the cartoon series and the license of Minchi’s Adventures on a world level, except for Italy. This is an original television series starring a very nice little lizard cum-pet belonging to a 7 year-old boy that is… a real go-getter! From its terrarium, which is connected to the outside world via Internet, our protagonist explains nature to kids in a simple and very fun-filled way, all the while encouraging ecological values. Produced by CTV Media and TVG, it combines marionettes, real images and animation throughout its fifty 3-minute episodes.
Minchi’s Adventures presents a very special baby lizard: Curious and friendly, she discovers the world from her modern terrarium, outfitted with a computer connected to the Internet. She looks for simple explanations that are graphic but pleasant… she can disguise herself and she also just loves to sing and dance. This series is aimed at a children’s audience and is proud to include the collaboration of experts in therapeutic pedagogy as well as in elementary education.
For more information: BRB Stand at MIPCOM – R7.H14