BRB Internacional will distribute worldwide the animated series ‘Miss Bellyfoo’.

Madrid – April 12, 2021. BRB Internacional and Foo Entertainment sign an agreement for the worldwide distribution of the series ‘Miss Bellyfoo©


The 3D animated series was conceived and created by Chris Djuritschek, President and Creative Director of Foo Entertainment. Miss Belllyfoo consists of 26 episodes of 26 minutes, and is aimed at children between 3 and 9 years old. It also counts on the famous and award-winning scriptwriter Jeffrey Scott from Hollywood, who will carry out the development of the scripts for the first season.

Miss Bellyfoo is like no other TV Series. For the first time in history, Miss Bellyfoo TV Series has collided fantasy with reality! It’s every child’s dream come true to join forces with their idols in defeating the evil Mastermoll who’s ought to destroy Daba Diba Duba Land and music that energizes their universe. Miss Bellyfoo encourages children to believe in their talents and to never give up on themselves, even during the times of failure.

Miss Bellyfoo’s plan is to promote and encourage the kids all across the globe, that already have big and amazing visions and dreams, as well as talents. Self-confidence, motoric capabilities and creativity are very important later on in life. The kids are the real heroes in this show, the center of everything, no matter what skin color they have or which country they are from. Miss Bellyfoo showcases all types of music and talents from singing, dancing, or playing a traditional instrument from their own country! It’s a FOOtastic way to exemplify the power of music and how it can unite different cultures, and even save Miss Bellyfoo’s universe!

Oficial Trailer:



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