Format: 1 x 75’/ Drama TV Movie / HDTV Live Action

Target: Adults

Languages: Spanish

Coproducers: Antena 3

Copyright: © BRB Internacional – Antena 3

As a result of a serious bus accident, two fourteen year old girls – Alicia and Beatriz – are mistaken for each other. While Alicia’s parents bury the body of Beatriz in the belief that she was their daughter, Beatriz’s mother realizes in hospital that the girl she has been given is not her daughter, and, taking advantage of the girl’s amnesia, takes Alice away to live in the countryside, where no one will know them. But an unexpected turn of events alerts Alicia’s real parents to the switch, and they set out to find her.









  • Script: Moisés Gómez Ramos
  • Director of Photography: Johnny Yebra
  • Art Director: Ion Arretxe
  • Dir. Producción: Gilles Leclair
  • Executive Producer: Carmen Domínguez
  • Director: Manuel Estudillo


  • Natalia Sánchez: Alicia
  • Assumpta Serna: Marta
  • Elisa Matilla: Elena
  • Pedro Casablanc:
  • Juan Ana Ruiz: Mandi
  • Juan Gea: Pablo
  • Junio Valverde: Elías