Format: 1 x 75’/ Drama TV movie / HDTV Live Action

Target: Adults

Languages: Spanish

Coproducers: Antena 3

Copyright: © BRB Internacional – Antena 3

This is the story of Leandro, an aristocrat trapped by a past, which, ten years earlier, left him a homeless beggar. Memories, chance encounters, and betrayals unite to prevent his conscience from ever finding inner peace among society’s least fortunate citizens.

Deemed responsible for his own misfortunes, fate takes a hand in putting things back in their rightful place and showing that we are not always masters of our own destiny.








  • Script: Carmen LLanos
  • Director of photography: Johnny Yebra
  • Art Director: Ulía Loureiro
  • Production Supervisor: Gilles Leclair
  • Executive Producer: Carmen Domínguez
  • Director: Manuel Estudillo


  • Álvaro de Luna: Marqués o Leandro de la Pica
  • Mariam Aguilera: Eugenia
  • Fiorella Faltoyano: Mercedes
  • Jesús Noguero: Tiri
  • Petra Martínez: Tiña
  • Luis Zahera: Mosad
  • Janfri Topera: Juan
  • José Navar: Jacobo