Next Limit Technologies and BRB Internacional have just launched the web app Safari Zoobabu, a computer game based on the animated series Zoobabu, which features the highest level of display. The two companies, both landmarks in the animation and video game sector, join forces in this novel activity, which incorporates the latest WebGL technology into the scene and the characters from the funny riddles that define the series.
Safari Zoobabu offers users the chance to venture into an entertaining safari, allowing them to explore the world of the Zoobabu animated series from their PC or laptop. After signing up for, with no charges, users will get to choose between 8 different locations —desert, jungle, forest, the city, reefs, picnic, icebergs and farms— and try to explore the scene looking for more than a hundred hidden animals. As their silhouettes are discovered, they can be captured with the app’s virtual, night vision camera. Then, photos are printed and saved in a gallery, which can be shared with other players.
Available in two languages —English and Spanish—, Safari Zoobabu is one of the world’s first games with WebGL technology, as well as the first one merging on PC both concepts of interactivity and ultimate image quality. It has been produced with Next Limit’s Maxwell Render technology, which manages to reproduce photorealist images from 3D models.
The series Zoobabu (104×2’), created entirely in the Screen 21 studio in Barcelona and already broadcasted internationally on noted television channels —TVE’s Clan, Super3 and Canal Panda in Spain, RAI in Italy, Discovery Kids in Latin America, Disney in Japan, Radio Canada and Knowlegde in the USA, Netflix in several countries…—, sets a hundred riddles out in a 3D stereoscopic animation, regarding different animals.
In words of Marijo Arnáiz, BRB’s Director of Digital Media: “Safari Zoobabu is the first joint project of Next Limit Technologies and BRB Internacional, two Spanish companies of great prestige on a world level, and we hope to present many more together in the future.”