This new season warms up the engines on Clan, with the debut of The Hive as one of its main highlights. The animation series, which narrates the adventures of a lovely family of bees, arrives on TVE’s children’s channel along with the Back to School: After its premiere this Sunday, September 13, it will be shown in premiere from Monday to Friday and also rerun every day.
Targeted at preschoolers, The Hive stars a unique family living in a cozy hive: Buzzbee, a little bee almost 5 years old, his sister Rubee and parents Mamma Bee and Pappa Bee. A modern, colorful TV series which connects easily with children and helps them to understand daily life in a simple, positive way. In fact, outstanding scriptwriters on the international scene are involved in it, such as Ian Carney (Shaun the Sheep, Bob the Builder, Canimals, Chuggington),  Bridget Hurst (Jungle Junctions, Charlie and Lola), Rebecca Stevens (Mike the Knight), Kate Scott (Chuggington) etc.
This production, developed by DQ Entertainment, Lupus Film, Monumental Productions, Picture Production Company, Hive Enterprises and Bejuba! Entertainment, is well-known in several countries, where it keeps gaining recognition thanks to important networks such as Disney (several territories of Europe, USA and Asia), ITV (United Kingdom), RAI (Italy), YLE (Finland), Knowledge/Telequebec (Canada) and ABC (Australia). In addition, the show’s brand is endorsed with a strong licensing plan, which has the support of outstanding, international partners such as Mookie, its Master Toy.
Space Enterprises manages the brand of The Hive worldwide. BRB Internacional manages the brand of The Hive in Spain and Portugal.