Format: 1 x 75’/ Drama TV Movie / HDTV Live Action

Target: Adults

Languages: Spanish

Coproducers: Antena 3

Copyright: © BRB Internacional – Antena 3

In Paradiseis the story of a simple woman who goes through one of the cruellest experiences one can imagine – imprisonment for a crime she did not commit. The humble Carmen has to learn to live with the drug addicts, social misfits and depressives who inhabit women’s prisons, whilst her lawyer, an elderly man on the verge of retirement, fights in the courts to establish the truth.









  • Script: Moisés Gómez Ramos
  • Director of Photography: Johnny Yebra
  • Art Director: Ion Arretxe
  • Production Supervisor: Gilles Leclair
  • Executive Producer: Carmen Domínguez
  • Director: Manuel Estudillo


  • Carmen: Silvia Abascal
  • Antonio: Alfredo Villa
  • Manrique: Antonio Requena
  • Julio: Rodolfo Sancho
  • Lucina: Alicia Borrachero