Format: 1 x 75’ / Comedy TV Movie / Live Action in HD

Target: Family

Languages: Spanish

Coproducers: Antena 3

Copyright: © BRB Internacional – Antena 3

When Adela’s husband dies suddenly, despite being a housewife with three children, she has to take over his car repair business until the arrival of her husband’s brother, Jacob, who owns a share of the business.

She has to dismiss the garage foreman for stealing money from the till, and replaces him with Luz, a strong minded young woman who is mad about cars. Whilst Adela does not share Luz’s passion for cars, she recognises that Luz and her all-girl team of mechanics are doing a very good job. An all-girl garage why hadn’t she thought of that before!

The eventual arrival of Jacob brings problems which threaten the very future of the business. But Adela, her children and the girl mechanics fight for the survival of the business they have worked so hard to build up.







  • Script: Twiggy hirota, Carlos Asorey, Antonio Cuadri
  • Photography Director: Valentín Álvarez
  • Art Director: Ion Arretxe
  • Production Director: Gilles Leclair
  • Executive Producer: Carmen Domínguez
  • Director: Antonio Cuadri


  • María Barranco: Adela
  • Pablo Carbonell: Jacobo
  • Mª Alfonsa Rosso: Abuela Elvira
  • Ana Risueño: Luz
  • Verónica Echegui: Marta