Format: 104 x 2’/ Preschool Edutainment with VO / HDTV Stereoscopic CGI

Target: Pre-school

Languages: English, Spanish, Neutral

Coproducers: Image In, TVC. With the support of ICIC and MCU

Copyright: © Screen 21 / BRB Internacional / IMAGE IN / TVC

It’s a bird… It’s a bear… It’s ZOOBABU! A playful lively box and 104 lighthearted animals collaborate to bring you the funniest animated guessing game. Is this big, big trunk familiar? What about that black and white patterned fur? Where did you see before those crawling movements? Step by step, hint by hint, the box will give the clues in order to find out which animal is hiding inside the box: ZOOBABU! The first 3D stereoscopic show to be broadcast on TV, Blu-Ray and VOD.