Format: 2 x 75’ Miniseries (Intrigue) /HDTV Live action

Target: All Audiences,

Languages: English,

Coproducers: TVE

Copyright: © BRB Internacional-TVE

This is the story of “La Isabella,” a legendary spa on the outskirts of Madrid that thrived until  the middle of the 20th century. The lives of those who lived there, and of those who came to enjoy its waters, gardens and palatial grounds, allow for a portrait of a society characterized by luxury, passions and bourgeois customs, where a multitude of deep-seated feelings and disappointments would be forged and, even worse, where the future of the unavoidable changes coming to Spain, and to La Isabella, would be indelibly played out.

What secrets do the walls of the spa conceal in this place of luxury, acquired by the Montemayor family? At La Isabella… nothing is as it seems.







  • Executive Producer: Claudio Biern Boyd
  • TVE Delegate Producer: Maite Fernández Pisonero.
  • Plot: Teresa Viejo
  • Director: Manuel Estudillo
  • Director of Photography: Johnny Yebra
  • Art Director: Juan Botella
  • Script: Juan Algarra, Antonio J. Cueva, Carmen Llano, Raúl López, David Moreno y Gonzalo Toledano.
  • Music: Mario de Benito.


  • Natalia Sánchez: Amada
  • Tamar Novas: Lucas
  • Francesc Luchetti: Ginés Fuentes
  • Lola Marcelli: Adela, la Parisina
  • Aitor Mazo: Ernesto Montemayor
  • Miguel Hermoso: Samuel Millares
  • Esther Regina: Sra. Montemayor
  • Ana Álvarez: Sra. de Retuerto
  • Ana María Vidal: Amada en 1978
  • Sonsoles del a Cruz: Amparo Pamplona
  • Carmen de la Maza: Mercedes